I designed the illustration for the Omni-Fleece Zero t-shirt in collaboration with Columbia.
I designed an illustration for a t-shirt with a cooling function "Omnifreeze Zero" in collaboration with the outdoor brand Columbia 🏔️🌊
 The theme of the illustration was "graphic design inspired by summer activities", so I drew people playing in the mountains and at the beach in a fun way. The back print is a large picture, and the front has a one-point illustration on the chest area.
 I took a hint from the Omni-Freeze Zero's signature blue circle pattern and made it a blue circle with a representation of a lake.
 I felt that if the back was full of silkscreen prints, sweat would easily accumulate and the Omni-Fleece Zero would not be able to show its full potential, so I made sure to leave just the right amount of space between the prints.

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